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Start Strong Newlywed
(First Year) Coaching 

The first years of marriage can be filled with excitement and joy, but it can also be filled with frustration and chaos as two people from different backgrounds, experiences and perhaps even cultures and generations, come together and begin the process of becoming one and doing life together.

Over the years, we have often mentioned amongst ourselves, "Pre-marital counseling is great, but who is offering support to newlyweds as they navigate the first year of marriage?" Time and time again, we've wished we had someone walking with us during the first & even second year of marriage. Perhaps we would have done some things differently. Perhaps we wouldn't have made as many mistakes.


For years, we desired to create that space for couples, waiting on the right season. We are happy and blessed to now be able to offer this support to couples who have made a decision to be intentional about growing together as one, right from the start.

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Behavioral Style Consulting Sessions for Couples

Could your marriage benefit from or even be saved with Behavioral Style Consulting? 

Did you know that most relational conflicts are the result of personality clashes? 

That's right, most often, couples aren't arguing right vs. wrong, desires vs. desires, perspective vs perspective, etc. They are really arguing personality vs personality!

Couples who understand each other's unique behavioral styles are more effective at building a good, solid relationship. When we discover the way that we are divinely wired, we can discover why we do the things that we do and why our spouse does the things that they do!

With Dunamis Couples
 Behavioral Style Consulting, we deep dive into each of your behavior styles and discover how the two of you best flow as one. We will deal with conflict resolution, communication keys, how you both think, act, receive and respond and so much more! 


If you and your spouse would like more information about our Behavioral Style Consulting or Start Strong Marital Support Coaching, please submit the Request Form below and we will contact you with our options, pricing, availability and booking information.

**Currently, as of March 2020 all consulting services are conducted via Zoom and recorded and available to couples for replay viewing. **

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