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Newlywed Chronicles: When the Honeymoon Stage Feels More Like a Nightmare

By Clayborn D. Momon

Newly married and feeling like you've just made the biggest mistake of your life?

I can honestly say that I've stood exactly where you are standing!

The first year of marriage can be BANANAS as two people attempt to adjust to doing life together. The adjustment takes lots of time and patience, especially if you were like us and you started off your marriage with small children. This made "becoming one" even more interesting.

I recall our early days of completely misunderstanding each other, heightened by a great deal of immaturity on both ends. We were at each other pretty often. The word "divorce" left our lips more times than I can count during that first year. Secrets were exposed. Parents were called. Bags were packed. It was insane.

One of our main issues was trying to change one another. You know, how we tend to think that our spouse would be better if they were more like us?

Instead of embracing our differences and choosing to leverage from each others strengths, we were at constant war with one another. Needless to say, achieving even a small level of synergy took some time.

A lot of couples start out like we started, some grow out of that place, yet some remain there for many years and may even end up in divorce court.

A main factor that we've noticed when it comes to newly married couples growing into more synergy, is the difference between those who walk alone and those who surround themselves with wise counsel and positive influence.

When newly married couples lack wise counsel and the support and influence of those who have succeeded and are thriving in a loving marriage, they fall victim to theory that you're the only couple experiencing what, in fact, many couples are faced with in the early stages of marriage.

Marriage Coaching Can Help Save Your Marriage AND Your Sanity!

If you feel like your marriage could really use some support, accountability and coaching as you navigate your first year, Start Strong Marriage Coaching may be just right for you.

You give your marriage an advantage when you enlist the support of a mentor who has been there, done that and now aims to help others sail through their first year vs. fail in their first year.

There's a old saying that is still true today: "to learn from your own mistakes is foolish but to learn from the mistakes of others and apply that insight to your decision-making is wisdom indeed." We agree!

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