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(Don't be scared--we don't spam!)

Are you focused on building a beautiful, thriving marriage that glorifies Jesus? 
Does the thought of encouragement and a community of Christian couples of the same heart and mind sound like something that could benefit your marriage?

In a world filled with cliche' relationship quotes & recycled social media graphics, reels and memes
we recognized a dire need to develop a safe space for kingdom couples to receive consistent authentic help and empowerment.

Many kingdom marriages are suffering and this should not be so! As believers, our marriages should be healthy and life-producing! Our union should be an earthly reflection of Christ's relationship with His bride!  

Unfortunately, a massive number of Christian couples who genuinely desire to have successful marriages that glorify God are dealing with issues such as:

  • Infidelity, pornography or the temptations of it 

  • Lack of connection and emotional & physical intimacy 

  • Disagreements & arguments turning into days (or even weeks) of silence or dissension 

  • Past & unresolved issues affecting the present and future

  • Unforgiveness and/or trust issues

  • Communication barriers/not being able to truly understand one another.

  • Feelings of dishonor, disrespect, mistreatment, emotional abuse & disregard 

  • Barriers to individual growth that are affecting the marriage

  • Hopelessness, unfulfillment and regret

  • Division or going in two different directions

  • Trouble operating as a team due to differences in personality, beliefs and behaviors

  • Feeling as though the enemy is coming against their union at every side but they can't seem to get an upper hand.​

We invite you to join us in our private community as we tackle these issues (and more) with power-packed biblical strategies and results-driven practical tools that you can begin implementing now for your martial success.



Is this a free community? 

Yes, at this time, this private community is free, however, we do welcome & encourage monetary gifts if our community is a blessing to you and/or your marriage. We are certified marriage and behavior consultants who have invested in our expertise through time and money however, we have decided not to charge for this community because we do not want a fee to become a barrier for any couple being a part of what God is doing through and in Kingdom marriages in this hour.


We are leaving the door to generosity open to you to sow back into what we are doing to pour into & support kingdom marriages.


We ask you to pray about sowing a one-time gift or becoming a monthly partner and we thank you in advance for your generosity.


You may sow via:

Cash App: $DunamisGive 

Paypal: @cmomon

What if my marriage isn't suffering?

This community is for you too! We are ALL about building successful kingdom marriages no matter what season you're in! If your marriage is in a good place, but you desire to stay on top of things so that your marriage continues to thrive then you should join us.


How will this community help my marriage?

When the tools, principles & empowerment that we present are consistently applied, you will grow in how well you understand one another, increase in how well you get along, develop greater unity & harmony and learn how to deal with the enemy when he undoubtedly makes an effort to kill, steal and destroy your covenant! 


I'm not on Facebook, can I still join and benefit?

Yes! Although you won't be able to participate in the live community, you will have access to our free e-devotional for members of our community and access to our events and additional resources.


Here's what's Included when you Join: 


  • Immediate Access to our Members Only Private Facebook Community of Like-Minded Kingdom Couples

  • Regular Live Group Sessions with Live Q&A with Clay & Keshia (we regularly cover member requested topics!)

  •  Targeted Prayer Sessions with Clay & Keshia

  • Regular Encouragement & Empowerment 

  • NEW! Love & Power Weekly e-Devotions texted to your phone 

  • Community scheduled Fellowships & Outings with couples near you 

  • Access to all past and future recordings, sessions & resources

  • Discounted member pricing on private couples sessions, books, courses,  virtual and in-person meetings & workshops 


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Meet Clay & Keshia Momon

We understand the ups and downs of marriage. It can be hard to believe today, but our marriage started off horribly. Actually, our dating started off horribly. All we did was argue! Then we got married and we continued to argue (not even sure how we made it down the aisle other than having a strong belief that God brought us together!). We had SO much against us!

We were a young, blended family with two small kids, both under the age of 4. We had no money and no idea what we were doing.  Concerning our personalities & compatibility, we were total opposites who didn't understand one another, so we spent the first few years trying to change each other. There were
so many days that we both genuinely believed we had married the wrong person!

We both brought unresolved childhood insecurities, traumas and experiences into the marriage.
There was also the issue of lust, sexual addiction and even infidelity.

In addition to all of that, we got married 8 months after giving birth to our daughter who was conceived out of wedlock. We were both dealing with condemnation. We felt like we let God down, our natural and church families down and as active ministers, we wondered if we would ever recover and walk in the fullness of God's destiny for our lives. 

Today, we look back and it's hard to believe how far we hav
e come as individuals and as one. We not only love one another but we are best friends who ENJOY one another despite the fact that we are still complete opposites in personality! 

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We have several years of experience working with and empowering couples to help them get along better & succeed in the same way that we have seen success in our own marriage. In addition to our 16 years as one, we hold certifications in marriage consulting, human behavior consulting and both are commissioned ministers. We utilize our professional training, personal experience and the word of God to help other kingdom couples build successful marriages that bring God glory. 

See you inside!
- Clay & Keshia 

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