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Are you ready to take your marriage to the next level?

Are you tired of arguments over the smallest things turning into unconquerable mountains? Tired of feeling unheard, dishonored or disrespected by your spouse? Tired of feeling like you are going in two different directions? Tired of clashing and never seeing eye-to-eye? Tired of your differences pulling you apart? 

Join us in our private community filled with like-minded Kingdom Couples as we support and empower you through proven practical tools that you can begin implementing now, coupled with biblical principles (and prayer!) for your martial success.

In this community, by applying the tools and principles, you will grow in how well you understand one another, increase in how well you get along, you will develop in unity & harmony and much more.

If you desire to build a marriage that gives God glory and brings you joy, this is the community for you. 

Here's what's Included when you Join: 


  • Access to Members Only Private Community of Like-Minded Kingdom Couples

  • (Weekly) Live Group Sessions with Live Q&A with Clay & Keshia (we regularly cover member requested topics!)

  • (Weekly) Live Targeted Prayer Session with Clay & Keshia

  • Regular Encouragement & Empowerment 

  • Access to our (voluntary) Directory of Membership Couples by city/state for Local Meet Ups & Fellowship 

  • Access to all past and future recordings, sessions & resources

  • Discounted member pricing on books, courses,  virtual and in-person meetings & workshops 

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Hey! Clay & Keshia here. 

Thinking about joining our private community? Whether your marriage is in a rough place or you simply desire to strengthen and maintain an already good thing, this private community is for you!

We have been on both sides of the coin--our marriage started off horribly. All we did was argue. We didn't understand one another, we spent every moment trying to change each other, we dealt with insecurities, the past creeping into the present, lust and infidelity, we were a young blended family with two kids under the age of 4 and no idea what we were doing. We both genuinely believed we had married the wrong person!

Today, we look back and it's hard to believe how far we have come and that we not only love one another but we ENJOY one another despite the fact that we are complete opposites in personality! 

We have several years of experience working with and empowering couples to help them get along better & succeed in the same way that we have seen success in our own marriage. In addition to our 16 years as one, we also hold certifications in marriage consulting and human behavior consulting. We utilize our professional training, personal experience and the word of God to help other kingdom couples build successful marriages that bring God glory. 

See you inside! 

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