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Are You A Newlywed? 

Congrats & Welcome to the best club of your life!
Now that the wedding is over, the fun begins. We'd love to help you start your first year of marriage off strong with our Start Strong Coaching Program. 

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The Blessed Marriage Consulting (formerly Unitfied Marriage Consulting), is ran by Husband and Wife Team, Clay and Keshia Momon. We help husband and wives develop more unity as a couple, become more effective as a team and have a blessed life together.. 

We believe that synergy within a marriage is so important to it's success, however, many couples have trouble developing that unity, if they ever do, mostly due to communication barriers and personality conflicts. 

We pour our 14 years of marriage, parenting and education on human behavior and couple relations into the blog and resources available the The Blessed Marriage. We love to help couples succeed! It's possible with faith, prayer and the proper tools! 



"I stumbled upon your Facebook Video called 'Your Womb is Full of Promise' , and It is a word I have been needing to hear at this time in my life. I have been feeling extremely weary and wanting to give up... As I watched your testimony and message, I could feel the anointing as you both spoke, and I felt very encouraged! I know it was God that brought me to your video. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, and I felt a lot of hope return to me."

—  K.K., Facebook Messenger